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Just Claim It 4!

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The Just Claim It Prayer Experience is now a new youth prayer ministry resource for the local church. Whether one attends the Youth Prayer Conference or not, this resource will provide you with a total resource package that will keep your young people engaged in a 24/7/365 devotion with God.

For the celebration, the JCI World Youth Prayer Conference will take place February 19-23 in Miami, FL. We are asking for every church in North America to send at least one attendee for the purpose of training and implementation back home. There is one thing that every attendee will leave with – “A Ministry”.

A special feature “The Call to Ministry” will provide a daily opportunity for youth and young adults to connect with selected pastors to talk about the possible call to the full-time Gospel Ministry and the Call to Lay Ministry.

You don't want to miss this!

*All JCI events follow the American Disabilities Act (ADA) including interpreters for the deaf.